More about me

Hi everyone,

Welcome to ‘More about me’.

I wanted to add a little extra, for anyone who read the About me and wondered what else there was to me…

So, I am an English and Creative writing student at the University of South Wales.

I love to write, draw, and play games.

I will admit, playing games has taken too much of my life already. (Steam: KingVargr)

Some people asked me, why have I chosen King Vargr for my profile name, and my response is – ‘I absolutely love the Viking age, and practically everything dark age-middle age. I am very interested in Northern Europe, and I experienced a very interesting turn of events whilst playing a game called War of the Vikings by Paradox Interactive. When I changed my name to King Vargr, I played as a character without a shield, and everyone on my team, whether friends, or strangers would sit down in front of me and pull up their shields, defending me. Obviously, I found this absolutely hilarious, and kept the name.’

Enough about games, onto the writing!

I love to write, and enjoy how words manifest our thoughts, and from the tip of a pen, or the tapping of keys – it is amazing how you can create entire ideals, pictures, or even universes inside another person’s mind, or even your own. This ideal fascinates me and I simply enjoy writing stories.

I’ve been in the process of planning, writing, re-writing and planning some more of a series’ of books I’ve set myself to make over the next few years alongside, and after my degree upon which I have already written, scrapped, and am now in the planning stage, and strangely enough I have gone from writing a 200 page story, to planning a 800-1000 page book. It has been an absolutely amazing experience.

Let us start from the basics then. The book title is, ‘Soul’s Rest – the Soul of a Wolf’

This is book one, the more I write, the more I feel the title is a working process, because it started off as being ‘the blood white wolf‘ and after that ‘the monster within‘ but I believe that it will always be ‘Soul’s Rest’, you might wonder why, but it is because it has become a kind of trademark, or logo of mine, and I use it everywhere. In games I play, the guilds become it, and friends, or players or anyone else who have come across me, remember me for the name ‘Soul’s Rest’ not so much the character names, or other names.

I was really worried about the genre for a long time, as I tried to bring it across as action/adventure, then I was worried that if I added the romance, and horror of the story it would no longer fit the category, and then I thought, well, what if it is a romance? I have never considered myself a romance writer but it could pass the bill. The problem was, that the heavy war, violence, and again, horror of the story, would ruin the theme of romance, or perhaps empower it, but I could not claim it be one type of book.

I’ve ended up characterizing it as ‘Historical Fiction’ and decided that on the fact that it could have any theme, as long as it have a form of history, and a form of fiction in. Perfect, I thought. It has stayed as historical fiction and I’ve continued slugging on with the planning since.

I’ll tell you more about how I decided planning throughout the actual blog, rather than on this page.

I do have other hobbies, I draw, and perhaps sing, though I don’t think I’m ready to do such things in the ears of public listeners. More so, singing in the shower sort of thing.

Since I’ve had my daughter most of my hobbies have been put on hold, including travelling! Which I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m okay with it though, as I’ve learnt so much from being with my daughter, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

I originally grew up in Newport, South Wales – and finally grew the courage to apply to University after suffering through several jobs of, undoubtedly the most pain-staking, mind-numbing time of my life.

I will be honest, going to university, though it is a struggle, is the best decision I’ve ever made, and I love the atmosphere, and the pressure of learning, though I will claim I hate it.

Anyway, after all of that, I think it would be better to show myself throughout my blogging, rather than all at once, here. So, I hope you take a gander!


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