Sometimes, the problem is you

When sitting here I often think about the boatload of things that float around me, passing over the waves of resonating memories, and ideas. What I think is that we are our own problem-creators, fear-producers, atmosphere destroyers, and simply, we are our own enemy. Every minute of the day we plan ideas and many of us think big, but when you look in the mirror you see yourself and you take one step forward and two steps back, and that’s the issue.

You can sit in your room, alone, staring into your mirror like it’s some kind of truth but our brains run in interesting ways. Our brains are either planning ahead or thinking we are the person our memories have made us out to be. But, that’s where the fun part comes in. Stay with me. When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you can’t do it because your brain triggers an emotional response due to you not being happy with how you acted, with how you stressed, or with how you’ve barely managed, be it one day or years, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can look in the mirror and smash the bloody thing, imagine it, breaking that mirror down into tiny pieces and looking past the mirror, seeing how everyone around you, everyone who exists all look in the mirror and see the same monster staring at them, the same things that push them down, and some people do beat them, and some people don’t. Remember, that it’s not what happens that makes your future it’s what you do with what happens that makes your future.

So, be it your body, your mind, a lack of skills, a lack of technique, a lack of …. something, if you’re not happy with yourself, and can’t change your life, you have to change your blueprint because if you get beaten down feel like you can’t get back up, and can’t enjoy life, then it’s not your life, it’s the way you’re thinking. So, if you feel like your life doesn’t match the way you are, or it doesn’t match the way you want to be, then change. Change it, change your life, and change you.

Don’t hold onto to the things that form chains to you, only to pull you to the ground. Change how you see things until those things grow wings on your back, and helps you to soar.


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