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via Daily Prompt: Tenacious


Tenacity is something that I’ve always had in my mind, be it conscious, or unconscious. I never wanted to be strong, and I never wanted to be smart. I never wanted to be invincible, and I never wanted to fart. (I lied on the last one, who doesn’t.) but, anyway, I never wanted to have a special gift other than the idea of not giving up, having the tenacity to continue, being tenacious enough to push back any obstacles and drive on.

Sometimes, I feel weak, and other times I feel a little broken.

Whether it’s physical from childhood injuries rearing their ugly heads, or the mental injuries inflicted by people I had once held close.

The thing is, I get reminded then, after all that, that I’m still here.

And you know what the funny thing is? Is that I have the tenacity to forgive everyone, and the drive to still push onwards, with, or without the people who I’ve encountered.

That’s all I have on being tenacious, but certainly won’t be my last post, for my last is never my last.


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