Mixed Feeling

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve last written a post. Forgive me, I’ve been living… by that, I mean lacking time to write here. Ha. Me, living? That’s rich.

Anyway, currently, I’m stuck in a place of bad luck, as though I’ve been cursed to have small things happen to me daily. Do you realise how frustrating it is!?

When you pick out eggs from the fridge and drop them, or stub your toe, or have your wardrobe fall on you while you sleep, you can’t help but feel that you’re shit out of luck. I know that’s how I feel right now. I mean, fuck, my wardrobe has been standing straight for a year, and suddenly it falls on me the same way all this other rather neutral yet annoying shit happens.

Personally, I’m withdrawn from everyone and everything at the moment because I don’t want to say the wrong thing or do something stupid because of this paramount of luck I’ve had; it’s left me with an awkward set of mixed feelings. Like, I’m not sure what to say and end up being quite quiet. So, if you’ve noticed this in me, then please feel free to shove me, I am still there, just dealing with this stupid thing.

Who knows whether I’m losing my mind or whether it is simply a case of bad luck.

I mean, that being said, I’ve had a cough for over a month, and when finally getting rid of it, it came back a week later. That makes me wonder whether it was even what the doctor suspected.

Anyway, today, I’m working with a friend on an assessed lesson, and just waiting for her butt to get here, so I’m writing. Have a nice day all, and may your luck better mine!