Daily Prompt: Eclipse

via Daily Prompt: Eclipse

the word eclipse used to have so much meaning. It used to be a symbol of lunar power, a divine power that one could use for rituals. Today, it has negative connotations, if any. It is a sham, a joke, it may be real, but it’s pointless. A chance to look at the sun without your eyes burning. Whoop whoop.

I mean, the times where communities communicated, and were so organised, be it human sacrifice, wishful thinking, or simply thanking the gods for the gifts they had provided. It was a chance to be more than ‘just human’ more than the simplicity of daily life, it was a chance to be powerful, even for a minute, of a single day, every century. It must have felt empowering whilst surrounded by your people, and using the power of the eclipse to show your people the way forward. Perhaps it was a facade, perhaps it was a lie, but it was a bloody better one than believing in nothing.

The eclipse was known for being powerful, now, it’s just another event in the day.

Isn’t that the way the world works?


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