Nothing will stop me now

Let me start by saying that nothing is impossible; it is imperative that you learn about what you want to do, and when you do learn what you want to do, you do it.

I’ve had one hell of an interesting summer. At some points during it, I have felt at a low point, and felt as if I was doing everything for nought, as if everything I was doing was pointless, because I couldn’t get the little things right. Anyway, I’ve turned it around, and though I haven’t read all the books on my desk, or written a 101 million stories, or planned my entire book, I’ve started a few.

I hit a few snags on my summer journey, money worries, the ghosts of my past, a rocky road with someone who I have no idea what our connection is, it’s just weird. Anyway, seeing as we passed a very rocky journey together, we seem to be sailing on smooth seas, as good friends.

Though, I’m sure I talk way too much; that is just because I like talking to her though.

Anyway, so, I’ve had an interesting time. I haven’t lost the weight I planned to lose, whether that is from distractions, illnesses, or just being a lazy bastard with a bad attitude at life. The love-life taking a dive may have had a minor influence in my motivation, but it hasn’t diminished this flame.

So, I’m now 13% fluent in Spanish, whatever that means. I’ve had 365 lessons, and am more than half-way through the app. Once I’ve finished my lessons, I’ll be putting them to the test and strength-training. My next audiobook will be learning Spanish I think. It’s been so nice to learn, and I just love giving a few of my friends a huge smile on my face when I attempt a conversation in Spanish. Ha-ha.

Anyway, just because I didn’t reach the goals I wanted to achieve, I’ve learned much about the way I want to train my body, and what is needed to achieve that goal. I’ll quite possibly give up games when September comes around, and focus on my life. I’m not giving up, and I will find time to get over the obstacles that have been set in my path.

I realised that working out, and exercising increases my mood so much that it is a must in my life. So, I will be going to the gym alongside my university year. I also think it will help me focus on my studies; you know, strengthen your body,  your mind, and your soul, and all that.

Anyway, on top of the idea I have of always trying to improve, I’m just trying to sail through life without the drama-infused branch of the day-to-day. So, here I am, almost at the end of my summer, and still standing after so many different things bubbling out of control, fixing themselves to me, like leeches, and now that I’ve wiped them all away, and had a good cry, bitch, and moan, I’m back on my feet again, and ready to look towards the future.

I’m having two friends visit soon, for couple weeks, which will be amazing to spend some time with them, and then after they’re going, I’ll be cracking on with university, and hopefully starting with a refreshed mind, and my concentration hat on.

So, all in all, I’m really enjoying connecting with a friend again, and being able to talk over skype and such, getting to know a new person, or two, and things seem to be looking up; I’ll continue to work on my goals, and try and reach them, and though I’ve hit a few rocks, my ship won’t be sinking any time soon.

As for the people who try and tell me they want to be in my life, but don’t give me the time of day whenever I try, you’ll find yourself standing on a bridge, which is being set on fire the next time you make me feel like we’re on separate islands. I’m not afraid to play with fire, and trust me, I will never get burned by the flames.

So sometimes, I feel like it has been a million nights I’ve spent alone, especially over the summer, but I’m fine, knowing that I can reach out to a few people around me, and that I’m not alone, but more than that, it’s knowing that I’m becoming that little more comfortable with myself as a person, so when I do fall, I know how to get back up again, and stand with a stronger stance.


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