Daily Prompt: Ghost

via Daily Prompt: Ghost

The word ghost has become a word with much meaning to me; more so, nowadays, where I’m old enough to look back and see the memories of people I had once loved, or once cared for, and when I think about the words, I think less about the supposed paranormal phenomenon, and more about how I view the memories of my past.

I mean, it has actually allowed me to understand the word Ghost as a paranormal entity also.

I mean, seeing as the term ghost and spirit is often confused with one another, but the term ghost would be a trapped piece of someone’s soul. They aren’t all there, it’s not the actual person, but a trapped memory, caught in the spectrum of infra-sound, and the place that you’re entering has a unique, or repeating flow of infra-sound that repeats that memory, as if it’s been caught in time. The reason why castles are always ‘Haunted’ are because large stone buildings have a flow of wind that moves through the building, and depending on the architecture of the building can generate a low frequency of sound, which is called infra-sound, something we do not hear, yet it moves through us.

Anyway, that being said, what if we leave memories in the places we are in, and the powerful emotions are the only ones we sometimes catch a glimpse of?

Since I’ve spent so much time meditating, and keep an eye out for this, combine that with the fact that I have almost a photographic memory for people/places (I wish I had it for text, but nevermind) when I enter a room I’ve had a fight in, or argued with a partner 101 times I feel those memories, and sometimes watch them repeat like the ghosts are real. It’s not something I see as being real, or unreal for that matter, it’s just how it works when your brain acts like a movie recorder.

The reason why I don’t want to move from the house i live in now is because I see memories of the events that have happened this year, and ghosts that walk around my house, and for the first time, I can’t help but smile at them, I sort-of understand why old people want to stay in their home, for it doesn’t matter how much you paint a hallway, a door, or a room, the memories are always there.

And I haven’t had arguments in this house, not have I had to run anyone out of it. In fact, I’ve had nothing but great memories in this house, and though this house has collected some of my rather saddest moments already, be it holding someone in my arms as we said our farewells, or whether it be walking away from people from my past… I can’t say at all that this house has a negative feeling.

So, ghosts to me are memories that we hold onto, so we associate them with the building, or place we are in… but remember to let go of them once in a while, because sometimes, you might find yourself holding onto something you should have let go of.


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