Daily Prompt: Carry

via Daily Prompt: Carry


Carrying something can be taken in many different ways. Now, we look at the word carry, and we think of endurance. The ability to carry your weight, your problems, your qualities, and your problems is not to be underrated; it is not to be ruined, or destroyed.

You carry things every day, physically, but more so, you carry things mentally, and spiritually as well. When you listen to the words of others, and understand them, you take on their words, and their guidance, or even, you take on the role of being their emotional keeper.

When you next think of the word carry, think of the way you carry the things around you, the people around you, and remember, if you stand up, with the weight of those around you on your shoulders, remember you are the symbol of strength. You never have to, you didn’t have to be, you chose to be, and you’re doing this, for you. This is who you are, so smile, and know that you are the person you chose to be.


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