via Daily Prompt: Stubborn

Being stubborn is usually considered a bad thing. Hard-headed, headstrong, and dangerously stuck in one’s own ways.

Sure, I get into trouble for being stubborn sometimes.

Whether it is:

  1. Seeming too opinionated
  2. Never giving up
  3. Not letting things go
  4. Pushing past breaking points, in good ways, and bad ways.
  5. Testing boundaries without meaning to
  6. Being too honest.

You see, I want to be honest, and being stubborn in that, I have forgotten how much you can hurt someone by being so honest.

I mean, I’m also a very competitive person, so much so, that if I have a superior rival, I will try my bone-breaking hardest just to come head-to-head with them, as an equal. This sort of belief has helped me trust myself as a person and come to understand the person I am. It has helped me understand a term I heard a while ago called the “Will of Fire” where you don’t need to be the best, or perfect in anything, and you’re not, however… you’ll always overcome your obstacles, no matter how hard they are.

But, no matter how negative people view stubbornness as, I can’t. I have come so far in my life, raising my daughter on my own, looking after my family, and working towards a better future, by myself, and though I have pushed a lot of responsibility on myself, I will not give up, and if that is stubbornness, then I have it by the buckets, and I won’t ever go back on my words. But hey, that’s just my opinion; what’s yours?

And in my opinion, it doesn’t matter where you get your inspiration from, as long as it helps you along your journey.




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