Returning from a journey

In more ways than one I have returned from a journey. Now, I have not posted much over the past few weeks, because I have had a migraine that had lasted fifteen days. I know, un-fucking-believable, right? So, the biggest problem I face when I have a migraine isn’t the obsessive beating in my mind like a drum, or the pressure on my forehead, temples, or other areas of my skull, but the fact that I no longer have a hold on my thoughts. There is no longer this line of semi-individual (by that, I mean several thoughts at the same time) thoughts moving through my head. Instead, I get overpowered, out-matched, and out-gunned by the hundreds of thousands of my thoughts which rush through my head like Americans rushing through stores on black Friday.

That limit, that self control is gone, and all that remains is me having to spend some time after my migraine goes to clear my mind, and catch up. Now, this can either be very very nice, or very very deadly. By very, I mean very. come on now, I don’t lie. Sometimes, I omit the truth, and leave out “all” of the facts, but I do not lie. So why start now, you know?

**Reality rotation**

When developing characters from my book some of my biggest dives into idealising them come from my migraines. I know, wicked, right? So I’ve had a giant spring in my creative step. Oh no, poor me. Haha.

I got quite a bit of visual stimulus on the weekend, and no, I don’t mean I watched porn. Get your mind out of the gutter. I mean that I went to my parents for the weekend, and went canoeing down the river Wye. The trip was supposed to be 2.5 hours long, but we took four hours. I’m sure we missed a turning somewhere. Anyway, stopping at a pub or two along the way, and letting ourselves soak in the sights… “Arrr, shiver me timbers.” I mean, uh, yes, I wasn’t dressed as a pirate while this happened at all. Of course.

Anyway, my dad and I shot down the river like a speed boat, in fact, we over-took a little motor boat that left a while before us. We ended up 2 miles in front of the rest of the guys. It was the best. I haven’t done anything like that before, and I’ve never done anything like that with my dad either, as far as I can remember, anyway so it was a real nice day out.13907163_1061132267307823_8704915331302560073_n.jpg

I’m the 2nd from the left of the front row. I was dressed to impress. Arrr.

So, aside from attacking the scallywags along the river Wye, I have started learning Swedish, as well as Spanish, and oh my, it’s so much easier. It sort of makes sense to my brain. Weird, but let us dive into that polarity of questionable information another day.

Interestingly enough, I’ve found myself talking to a girl I met a few years ago, back in 2013, and we’re sparking off a connection again, which last time we met, we said to each other we met at the wrong time, so who knows, it may be another amazing addition to this summer.

On Sunday, (today) My daughter and I went to a friend’s daughter’s party, where they had a great time running around and we all wished her a happy birthday. My daughter pretended her balloon was a kite and tried running down the road with it. It was fantastic. She fell asleep at 5:30 today, and is absolutely hilarious for that. I’m still awake, even though I should be sleeping, but screw it! Let’s crack on.

Anyway, aside from all that, I feel a bit better in myself, had a weak few weeks and I’m back to my neutral self. So, let us crack on with the rest of summer, and strike through any obstacle in our way!



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