A to Z

A to Z is an exercise where you create sentences starting with each letter of the alphabet, make a story with them, or write a poem. If you want to respond to this you are very much welcome!

A start to a wonderful, but cloudy day.

Because I hate it when the weather can’t make up it’s mind.

Careless, I’m wearing shorts and it is likely to rain.

Decisive, I have no time to waste deciding what to do with my day.

Exercising this, I find myself understanding more.

Funneling this creativity, I can say, things are getting fun.

Ghastly, is something I sometimes feel when I get up in the morning.

Heavy, though I know I’ve lost some weight, I still feel heavy.

Imperial “Stop, you imperial scum” my brain works in crazy ways, sometimes.

Justice, is something that I am quite sensitive about.

Kindness, is something that I preach.

Love, is something that I long for.

Music, is something that I’m always listening to.

Nothing beats a good old fashioned dance-off.

Omniscient, I wish!

Poly-amorous, do we need more of this, or less?

Quicksilver is another name for Mercury.

Ruthless is something I am, when it comes to games.

Sexy, is something I am incapable of being (so not true).

Trust, is something that is hard to give.

Understanding is another concept I long for.

Virtue is something human society lacks today and I wish it was different.

Whittington is my last name, and it is something that I always hear jokes about

Xenophobia is something that I do not agree with because I feel it is wrong!

Ying-yang is a symbol that I firmly believe in, balance.

Zealous, is something that is both impressive, and frightening.

Your turn.


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