The end to a hyped two weeks

So, over-all the last two weeks of my life have been pretty amazing. I have met many lovely people, and have had a lovely weekend with some pretty special people. Now, it’s not often, at all, that I enjoy spending so much time in a class, or around people, but it has been an amazing experience getting to know people from different cultures such as Spanish and Italian. From spending time in a class full of teachers, I’ve come to realise that teaching is definitely the path I want to walk down.

Now, I’ve been on a two week methodology course in Teaching English as a second Language. It was only a short course, two weeks long. We’ve done many activities throughout the last two weeks, such as hunting the area of Cardiff for sites, and making a classroom activity out of it; making an activity out of a museum trip; even learning how to be a serene teacher during class-time.

It has been awesome, and certainly worth melting a little in the summer heat. I was told to put my feet up on the desk to annoy the teacher, to make sure she stayed serene… though when one of the women threw a paper ball at the teacher, that was just priceless. It is not often, to practically never, that we get to be so childish, and the looks on everyone’s faces showed the inner children coming out. Ha-ha.

That being said, the amazing people I met could only be topped by a great farewell meal, and drink with them, and another on Saturday. I also met someone I will definitely be keeping in touch with, and I showed them how different having a cocktail in an expensive bar is, compared to having one in Wetherspoons. Fantastic. To be quite frank, I will miss all of them, but who knows, maybe I can go test their English and visit them next summer. That will be the day. Ha-ha.

I have managed to get an internship for next year, from talking to one of the managers of the school, and that will be grand, and I could quite possibly get to meet more teachers/students next year. That’ll be fun.

Other than the course, I found out a lot more about my capital city – Cardiff thanks to the group, and the activities we did. So much so I annoyed my friends Saturday whilst we spent the day in Cardiff (pokemon hunting, because we’re cool. Right?)

Today, I found myself waking up late for the first time in a long time, though I did wake up 5am, for no reason. Yay, thanks body. So, overall, I’ve had a pretty good two weeks. And though I had a bit of an argument with a friend, I’ve also had a great evening talking to a friend from Holland, and my Swedish lady friend, who seems to think it’s okay to call herself Queen Vargr, for a username. I think I have some competition. We’ll find out when we play a game or two together. She’s also coming to visit me in September before I go back to University.

I’ve had so much more to look forward to, over this summer, and though I have tried my best to not piss anyone off, I have managed not to, par one. I think that’s good, for me. Usually there are many more. Again, ha-ha. I wish I could say I was bothered by it, but frankly, I’m not. This summer has helped me understand my goals, wants, and where I want to go, and for the first time in a long time, I feel free. I know what is important, and I know how to get it. Now, it is time for the effort.

So, thank you to everyone who has made the last two weeks awesome, and thank you to those who have yet to make my live amazing, for I know things will only get better from here. I hope everyone enjoyed their stay in Wales… come back soon!


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