In response to Daily post’s Punishment

To define punishment, I think we should look at ourselves, for pure, undefiable, undeniable punishment comes from ourselves. It comes, from within us.

When we make a mistake, we choose one of two things… to walk away, and look the other way, where we pretend that it does not exist, or we hold onto it, engraving it into our skin, into our minds, and we let it haunt us. That is punishment.

Sure, the government can punish you, civilians can punish you, and your parents can punish you, to an extent. Real Punishment however, comes from our own minds.

We allow a battle between two versions of ourselves to happen inside of us. Two versions of ourselves that we both want to be, and run from.

The person who deals with the situation, head on, who takes the blame, and the person who relieves themselves by giving the blame to another, and forgetting about it. What we are not told, is that there are people out there who have one stronger version than another, where they are more or less defined by the amount of time it takes for them to move on from their punishment.

They make a mistake, they harbour regret, and that regret eats at them. I am like this, and this is me. The things in my past that I have regretted sometimes feel like they are whirlwinding around me, keeping me trapped in a place with no bars, but as the same time, I know, that is is my own doing. It is who I am.

That, I think, is punishment, creating a way of thinking where we haunt ourselves from our own mistakes, drives, and paths that we walk.

Though this is punishment, it is something about myself that I would not change, because I value each and every decision I make, and there are reasons, time and time again for me to look back at the things that I have done; be it obstacles I have overcome, bridges I have burned, or ties I have cut. Sometimes, I do look back and wonder how things would have changed if I walked another way, but I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Though I am not perfect, and have many, many faults, I am me.


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