In response to Daily post’s Clock.

How much time do we have left?

Do we have much? Do we have little?

How much have you found yourself doing things of value? How far have you come?

What is your biggest ‘A to B’?

Imagine a world where we could see how much time we had left, right down to the second. Would you be too scared to live? Would you still fear death? Or would you do the strangest thing, and use it as a reminder to live?

Time is fleeting from all of us, and we are pieces who sit on top of the Old man’s clock, Chronos watches our lives, with one eye always open.

So tomorrow, when you wake up, do something you’ve never done before, and if you’ve gotten out of bed and sighed, too many times in a row, then change the way you’re living, and start living for you.


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