Response to Daily post’s ‘Depth’








Is depth definable by how many layers you have on your skin, to your core? Or is depth definable by observing, calculating how deep you can go into the darkest waters that circulate like drool around our planet?

So, what is depth?

I tell you something, I whisper in your ear, I say, “Do what you think is right. You don’t need to help me.”

Inside, I think, “As long as they are happy, then I can manage my own problems. It doesn’t matter about mine.”

Further, inside, you’re panicking; you’re worrying. You have fear.

Further down, inside the darkest pits of fear, as your body is still stuck in the moments where the words, protective of others in nature slither out from your lips, you meet your monster, demon, darkness, inside your head, your mind, your inner-world.

You stand, head-to-head, face-to-face, with your shadow-self, your doppelganger, your adversary. The one who takes over when you’re defeated.

It warns you not to push people away.

It warns you what will happen if you don’t open up.

It warns you, what madness waits for you, if you don’t open your mouth, and speak.

You strike your foe, your shadow so hard that it dissipates to dust.

You come out of your world, your mind, and you look at the friend in front of you and you gulp down such fears, such worries, such feelings, and say, “I will always be here for you, so go do what you think is right, and if you ever need to talk, I’m here.”

Suddenly, your problems relieve you from your duty, for just a moment.

But bit by bit, the light, the balance of light, and darkness in your soul, is breaking, and darkness is seething through.

This is depth. Not everything you hear, is what a person is. Some people cannot communicate, but others are strong enough not to. If you ever find a person strong enough to deceive you, to promise you they are okay, when they’re not. Look into their eyes, and see the truth behind them. Just be there. Depth, is having many layers, and you may have only met one.



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