Stranger danger

Now, we all meet people, whether through clubs, pubs, just out and about, or whether you go to a place specifically for meeting people. Then, there’s the other side, places like online dating, social networking, and games.

I am happy to say I’ve never met any crazy people from playing games, probably because the game gets rid of all the crazy… but I have met some strange, strange people when I dabbled in online dating. To be honest, I’ve never been so put off by the internet in my life.

I tried online dating back In January, to March, and honestly… I shudder at the thought of ever meeting a person like this:

I met someone, let’s substitute their name and call them Bo, to make it even scarier. Now, this Bo character, even though she knew I wasn’t interested in her. (I told her I wasn’t attracted to her.) asked me, three times if we could carry on talking, and so I did. we talked on FB just now and then, but her English was terrible (it was her first language) and I couldn’t understand half of what she was saying. So, I called it quits, and apologised but deleted her and moved on with my life.

After I moved on with my life, I got close to someone and started a relationship. First example of crazy, this girl messaged my girlfriend at the time, and tried to tell her we had been dating for months now, and that I’ve been cheating on her. Now, I don’t know what telling someone “I’m not attracted to you”, or, “I don’t like you in that way, and nothing will happen” means, but I’m certain it doesn’t mean we’re now dating.

Now, I tried talking to this girl, and asking her, “WTF, and who does she think she is.” After my partner and I broke up, I demanded some answers. Anyway, “it’s not her fault it was the fact that she is depressed..” Now, I understand depression, I’ve had it in my earlier life, anxiety, too. But I grew up in a family who were a bit more traditional in their mindsets, and didn’t really believe, or want to believe in the idea of mental illness, so our only option was to get better. So, eventually, I out-grew it like out-growing asthma. It doesn’t sound like I had a tough time with it, but I did, and it took me about eight years of growing out of the fucking thing, and much support to a few close friends that allowed me to chew their ear off whenever I had too much on my mind (which was all the time) even now.

Now, I would never blame something like depression for the way I act towards people, and frankly, I’m usually, in fact, always the one to apologise first, even when someone else is in the wrong.  Now, this didn’t even end there… She went dark for a few days, said she was just going to kill herself, and off she popped, disappeared. (I mean, who the fuck tells you they are going to kill themselves because you tell them off for being a prick to you?) I mean, really, come on? So, it brings us to about a week ago, where she asked if we could meet up and such, and this girl just didn’t get it. I ended up making jokes like, “You want to come over? I bet you wanna ‘netflix and chill too’ lol!” not the best move, but I was in a jokey mood, and expected a “no, I just want to get to know you” or some bullshit. In fact, her response was, “Yes, and if we did, you would be mine then.”

Now, I was a little bit knocked off my seat by this response, “You would be mine then?” What, so I’m some kind of pet? a possession? something to be held? caged? bought? Now, all my friends will know I have a tendency to be a little bit rebellious, and in all honestly, I can be a half-decent antagonist when I put my mind to it. By half, I mean full, and by full I mean, tear your fucking eyes out, with my words, sort of guy.

So, instead, of running, like any man should have, I reacted in the horrible way that I do, “You mean, I would be yours forever, really? <3″ and she actually replied with a ‘yes, if we met a few times, and got that close, you would be mine forever.” I have never felt so put off someone in my life. Not only was her language bad, I’m pretty sure she was given a bad egg, and no one told her how fucked up her view of the world was…

I tried to humour her, surely it was a joke right? No, it wasn’t.

So, I let it go on, to see where it would go, and in quite, the words she wrote were that creepy, they stuck to my back like honey sticks to a bear, and I don’t really want to repeat them. So, safe to say, I dodged a very, weird, cracked bullet there.

I ended the conversation nicely, and said, “I’m sorry, but this will never happen, I will never be yours, I don’t know what world you think we live in, but if you ever contact me again, you will be sure to regret ever trying to ‘make’ me yours. I have never felt so disgusted in my life with the words that have come out of another ‘humans’ mouth.”

okay, sure, I was at fault for letting it get under my skin. I was a little too mean when I heard that, but someone needed to set her straight. It would seem her parents, or her family weren’t doing a good job of that… but fuck me, it has put me off ever having hope of finding someone with half a brain, and any chance I have at semi-normal life, with someone who isn’t bat-shit crazy. Needless to say, I won’t ever trust the internet for people messaging me.

Daniel’s crazy detector has leveled up.


Believe in yourself, for when you don’t, I will… unless you’re like that, if you’re like that, I will take my bricks, and my wall, and move very far away. It’s one freaky brick, which I wish wasn’t a part of my wall.


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