Today, I’m ashamed to be British

I am genuinely ashamed to be British, today. That being said, maybe not for the reason you might think. It is not because the vote for independence over-ruled the vote to stay. It is not because people made a decision I am not happy with. It is not because ‘Old people know nothing’ nor is it because, ‘young people are stupid’. It certainly isn’t because for the first time in a very, very long time we had an turnout of 72.2%…

Now, the reason for this post, and the reason I am upset over the way the vote went, is because it has separated the population of Britain, practically in half. Many people who voted Brexit, have regretted it, but at the same time, I have no sympathy for them whatsoever.

I didn’t think that was going to happen. I didn’t think that my vote would matter too much, because I thought we would remain. (0:29-0:32)

It is frankly, people like that who piss me off. It is just aggravating to play devil’s advocate because you think it would be funny, and then piss your pants when the result turns that way. It is embarrassing that there are thousands, expected to be up to a million people who wish to change their vote because of such stupid things as this. How can you possibly hope to be taken seriously when you took the vote as a joke to begin with?

Moving on…

The biggest thing, so far that has upset me, has been the violent outbursts of brexit voters. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand completely that the loudest people are the ones that are heard and do not represent for the rest. More than that though, some of the posts, pictures, and stories that have been aired already are just disgusting, and vile.

I’ll just let these pictures speak for themselves:








I could not believe that this is the country that I live in. These five pictures, (out of a gallery of 118) I am appalled to be a part of my country.

Furthermore I am outraged by the audacity of pensioners, and people who are middle-aged. The fact that there have been dozens, hundreds, thousands of ‘older generation’ people who have spat at the vote that the young people of this country have given. The fact that they are claiming we are the ungrateful ones for voting remain, and not being happy about the result… by posting pictures of the war, compared to a party in modern times… these are by people who were never in the war, and most veterans of the war voted in! I am categorised as a young person, being twenty three years old. I spent a month before making my decision looking everything up, filtering the media and the scaremongering, to successfully choose the reasons for my vote, and whether it be out, or in.

Many of these people who claim that young people are uneducated, and do not know why they voted, are people who voted, “Make Britain great again”. Don’t get me wrong, I have met older people who have given their vote in confidence and sat down and explained their reasons, and there are some good ones.

One problem, which every single person falls over on, is the speech where they talk about, “But what you don’t understand is that Britain was fine before the EU and it will be fine again.” That may be true, but we have passed the age of being a Kingdom, and we have moved on from the age where we colonised half of the world. We have no ties in other countries. We made millions from our coal industries, and our steel industries, and now… now it’s all gone. Sure, we make some electrical equipment, and industrial equipment, still.

The other thing that I have a paramount of emotion for, and I feel sorry for the people who this affects is one of the biggest reasons for Brexit voters, was that they thought they could get rid of the immigrants in their country if they vote leave. I don’t think anyone realises that these ‘immigrants’ those ‘horrible people’ those ‘job stealers’ came into this country for many reasons… And stealing your job wasn’t one of them.

  1. they came here to get a better life for themselves and their families. Ask yourself, wouldn’t you?
  2. They came here because Britain needed people from their line of work.
  3. They came here because they liked Britain, and it was a new chance for them.

They also have a dozen others, but whatever the reason is for them coming here, it isn’t to make your lives worse. Brexit politicians have already admitted that it won’t do anything to the immigration figures. And, I know we have had some problems with immigrants coming here and whether they beat our women, or have criminal records… but that has nothing to do with the EU, that has more to do with our government, our border control, and our legal system than anything else. Furthermore: the problems that we say we have with immigration, are to do with immigration outside of the EU.

It’s not like we don’t have 1.3 million ‘old people’ in Spain living out their days, is it?

But no, the problem is that these people want everything to be British, and they need to wake up to the idea that Britain, has not been British since the Britons got taken over by the Celts, romans, Vikings, anglo-saxons, the French, and whoever else put their fingers in Britain’s pie. Our British monarchy is a germanic family for fuck sake. So what is British? British has always been a european country, and has always been a place where people migrate to, whether to stay, or to travel through. Whether today, whether yesterday, whether a thousand years into the past.

So, for those of you who voted to get immigrants out of the country? people who came here, and have their dual nationality already, and have tried their hardest their entire lives to work here, they have as much of a right to stay here as you do… for those of you who feel it is your Britain, because you were born here? Yet own no lands, live in council estates, and have no plans to buy out towns, or villages, or cities, and claim right to rule, you have as much right as these people. If it wasn’t for your father coming here, or great grandfather, or how many before you, I can guarantee that you go back far enough, and every single one of your families came from other countries.

I’m writing this blog to show you all how much hate is circulating Britain right now, so if you still want to visit the UK, you should hold off, if you want to move here? Come try, but be prepared for a rocky ride, if you don’t ‘look white’.

Today is the day that I feel ashamed to be a part of a nation that has so many people who want to follow the type of men who our great grandfathers fought to protect, and died fighting against.

So, for all you old people out there, who believe that voting out was a right thing to do, I want you to think about the politicians you follow, how many of those you actually trust, and how much you put your beliefs in those who have been torturing this country like a disease for a very long time.

Last year, I talked to a friend about the pillars of Islam being Jihad… they aren’t… but he believed that because the media told him to. The same way that this year, right now, he set up rants, and abusive posts about how we have been abusing the older generation and getting angry with them when we are just too sensitive. I guarantee this person would be outraged and acting the same if it was the other way around. But I shit you not that things like this show ones true colours. And if those colours are the ones to run through this country, then I would turn my back on it.

I personally believe that unifying is a natural thing. We have been doing it for thousands of years, and whether we dilute into a state of Europe, so what? The same as everyone else in Europe, there is no one ruler, but a bigger democracy. Don’t get me wrong, much has to change, and things need to be sorted out… but I think that is a possibility that I would prefer over breaking down our already small nation into even smaller pieces.

But on the bright side, I’m done with the arguing, and trying to discuss these things with people who’s answer to everything is, “We shall make Britain great again” while they smoke, eat, and drink, european or international supplies…

The real question for me to ask these people: is that you want to make Britain great again? What will you do for your country? Will you support British food? British alcohol? British cigarettes? Will you boost the economy? Become an entrepreneur and put a real, real effort into your country so it can stand again?


Right, you’ll sit back now that you’ve won your vote, and moan when the system starts to fail.

Anyone who voted because of immigration, or because they want to make Britain ‘White’ or ‘great’ should really give themselves some time to reflect upon their actions, because you haven’t just let yourselves down, you let your country down, and that is where the next 5-10 years will be a make or break…

I’m done. I’ve had my say, and now I’m off to keep my head down for the next two years, get my degree, and get the fuck out of here before Hitler V.2 takes over.



‘Believe in yourselves, for when you don’t, I will… this is one hell of a brick to put into a wall.’


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