I often wonder why mirrors are so important to us, yet because we see our reflection daily, we rarely look at ourselves, at least more than the typical physical feature, or altering our appearance. It’s a true shame that the world rarely looks inside itself, and that is something I think everyone should change.

Start by asking the big questions like:

‘ “Who are you? And what do you want?” ‘

(Avatar: the legend of Aang) and though those words are from a cartoon, I think simple things like a cartoon can teach us so much about ourselves that we have no idea about. We seem to lack the the communicative tools to talk to ourselves, and to get to know ourselves. We have this idea of who we are, and what we are, but how many of us go inwards, and look at ourselves, really look.

It’s only until you do that, that you know what you’re doing wrong and can start doing right; by yourself first, and then by others.


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