Another day

This morning, I had a potty full of urine thrown at me. This morning, when I woke up, I stood up, and opened my door… to receive a lovely potty full of wee. Thank you, I love you too.

After a shower, and then the gym (I know, bad order) I found myself almost collapsing in the changing rooms after pushing myself a little too hard. My body is surely my friend today. I have never been that bad… so it was a new feeling for me. Between wanting to throw up, and being too light-headed to walk, I had to wait about fifteen minutes before being able to get up and leave. When I got home, I decided I was going to start my novel. Today, I spent my time writing a fore-word explaining how I came upon my story and what drives me to write it.

Between that, and a blog post that remains 1/10th of the way done, I had to help the landlady take some rubbish down to the recycling centre (about time), another explosive high five happening there. Actually, it wasn’t so bad chatting to my landlady, she has an awesome sense of humour.

Moving on from there, I went to pick my daughter up, do a little bit of shopping that I have just been reminded to put away. Thank you, internet. Then, I am going to spend my evening playing some hours on a game. I learned a little bit of Spanish today. Perhaps, not enough to have a conversation, but a few lines at least… I have an app that is helping me learn. Apparently, I have to use it twenty minutes a day to keep up some form of improvement in the language. All, good, fun.

There is one thing, after a conversation with a little meanie who told me off for not giving her ‘cat kisses’ over skype, even when she was being a little meanie to me, I realised I’m okay. I won’t have any what if’s or if only’s, only a “It is what it is.”

Monday, I will begin my pre-face, and then onto the start of my story.

This will be but a single brick in a long wall. It’s okay, I have time to build.


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