Lucille V

Dear Lucille,

I had not laid eyes on a person so touched by angels, or God himself, before meeting you. I had not contemplated the existence of higher beings, powers or a singular power, until I gazed upon your face.

I may not be able to give you much to look at, but I can offer you knowledge; I can offer you insight, and challenge; I can offer you something no one else can; I can truly offer you my mind. I am not saying that other people do not have minds to give, but I have studied the brain for my entire professional life, and I understand how it works. I understand how to reach inside myself, and open up.

I will admit, when you gazed in my direction, I thought you looked my way, and my heart raced like the adrenaline a lion would get when chasing a gazelle. Perhaps, not the best metaphoric expression to explain.

Something sparked inside me when I looked into your beautiful blue eyes, and I had not ever experienced such a feeling. It was the first time I had felt truly alive with my eyes wide open. It would not matter to me whether you wore that red velvet dress, or whether you were wearing a night gown, or a dirtied set of work clothes. Nothing could persuade me to look away.

I felt a pit in my heart when I realised you were looking through me, at the gentleman behind me. In fact, I discovered what jealousy truly was. This is why I am writing this letter. I wish to invite you to dinner, at my home on the outskirts of town. It is a pleasant country-style home. You are welcome to–


I could not write another word. I crushed the paper in my hand, and ripped it into pieces. How annoying, my heart palpitating like this, my palms sweaty, and my heart pounding. I have a raised heart rate; quite possibly reaching 158 beats per minute. That’s just thinking about you, Lucille. I hope you accept my dinner invitation.

I’ll wait until then. Your soon to be, dearest Elijah.


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