What can I say?

Within the first half an hour of waking up someone had demanded my presence in two days time, and I had plans with another already, so I declined, and proceeded to read several rather abusive messages of me being an ‘asshole’ for saying I can’t meet her. Now, this person isn’t close to me, we only hung out when she was lonely, and we both had children so it was nice to get out and about. Since moving town I haven’t really wanted to go back to my old town, and though she offered to come up, it was in a weekday, and I’m genuinely busy this week sorting out a BBQ for Friday. It may not seem like a lot of work but I have to do the following: cut down half a tree, and cut my overgrown garden, burn the lot, in stages of time, set up the bbq, clear the garden, dust it off, and also prepare food, and drink, and whatever else I need to do.

But needless to say, I haven’t had a bad day, I just moved on, swept it off, went for a jog, and awaited the return of my little one. I couldn’t wait to see her, and even with her here, I had so much to do. We played a few games, and then my dad stayed around to cut up some of the garden with me. He helped while my mother looked after my daughter in my living room. Hurray for family! Now, I have half of the workload left, and I get to do that in the week.

After dinner, I took my daughter to see my friend where we had some salad, and I took her a subway, and a little going away present, accidentally did something which I was certainly not supposed to do however, and have not been so embarrassed for months… but let’s not talk about that! Ha-ha.

Other than that, our walk home went smoothly, and I succumbed to a few snacks this evening, two chocolate bars and two milkshakes. I know, terrible.

I spent my evening talking to a few lads, and ladies on skype while playing a game or two. It may have dawned on me, about now, how embarrassing that was today, and after an interesting conversation about why I eat meat, if I believe everything has a soul… I’m not sure how to answer that? because I’m not an angel? Quite possibly a little too dick-ish to be an angel. But, here we are. I am spiritual and feel everything is connected but that doesn’t mean I dislike eating living things, just… I am grateful for them, rather than seeing it as a sport, or something we have fun on. Though we live in a society where there is choice, I guess, I never really thought about it.

Food for thought.

Also, if a friend is reading…

Believe in yourself, for when you don’t, I will.

Goodnight everyone, enjoy!


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