Spanish night

So, this was the first time I had someone to babysit for me, other than my parents. It wasn’t too bad, as the person I had has been a close friend for the whole Uni’ year now. She took her to bed for me, and told me how many times my daughter tried to get up and persuade her to let her come downstairs. Ha-ha. Aside from that, it went well.

The reason for this babysitter was a few friends were having a ‘Spanish Night’ and wanted me to test (enjoy) their food. I may have expected foods I had never heard of, but there were Spanish omelettes and Paella. The omelettes were much tastier, but I could not give the Paella credit due to the girls saying, “We messed it up! We messed it up!” Needless to say, the night way an amusing endeavour. After a few cans of cider (ugh, cider, stomach, pain) and ‘mucho’, or ‘macho’, or ‘mocho’ or ‘muchacho’ (ha-ha) which was coca-cola and wine. Even though it seemed like a masculine word, it tasted very, very sweet.

So, aside from leaving a little early to relieve my babysitter, I had a good night. And from the music still circulating my brain, and the images of my two Spanish friends having a dance off to words I could not possibly comprehend… it put a smile on my face to say the least. (Now, I’m just hoping they send me the video).

Anyway, it was fun eating mex-I mean, uh, Spanish food. It was an interesting event and met some new people.

I hope everyone else had a decent night like I did.


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