Pumped-up mood

Weight: 117KG. (I lost 3 over last week. Doubt I’ll be so lucky this week.)

Originally started at 110KG. I think it’s been good. Been doing half an hour work outs of a cross trainer, and then either 15 minutes on a treadmill, or half an hour of strength training, prioritising my back, and my arms.

After coming home and having an hour chat with my Swedish friend, instead of showering and preparing I am falling behind, haha. But at least, I got the gym out of the way. Time to clean up, and then work on some reading. I should remind myself to print my declaration form for next year, but I’ll probably forget.

Other than that, I would probably be moody today from recent events if it wasn’t for the high levels of serotonin running through my body from finally reaching that 170bpm run I was hoping for.

And I come to the conclusion that I won’t get up with people around me who do not want to get up. There are a few things I need to look in the mirror and tell myself, and these are:

  1. Stop thinking that other people will help you get to your goal in life.
  2. Stop thinking you can’t do it.
  3. Stop putting yourself down, and thinking you’re incapable, that you would never be better.
  4. Stop saying no.
  5. Start saying yes to new things, ideas, and reasons.
  6. Success does not require you to look out the window, it only requires you to look in the mirror.
  7. IF you’re willing to look in the mirror and make a commitment to you, and say, “I’ll do whatever it takes” then do whatever it takes.
  8. Believe somewhere, in the back of your mind that you are here to do something greater than yourself, and that is why you are here, and still here.
  9. And start telling yourself, that you can do it because you can.

You can have what you want, without the approval of everyone around you, and there will be people around you that believe in you, that tell you you’re more, and will help you. There are also people in your life that will put you down, and who will tell you no, because they tried it, and they failed, or they never took that step in the beginning. So, don’t ask your neighbours, don’t ask your friends, just ask yourself, and if that is what you want to do then do it.

“There will never be a time in your life where the timing is perfect. You have to create it, you have to create that perfect moment. Stop being comfortable, and start wanting things that are more than yourself, for yourself.” Paraphrased from, ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTeUIQleouA’.0:00-1:00.

So, I sorted out the problem with my friend, and we’re okay. Misunderstandings through message. I did say I’d prefer to talk in person… it’s all crazy.

Anyway, after having a nice afternoon, and seeing my friend, and picking my daughter up, we walked home and had tip-tops. Sadly, she dropped half of her’s so I gave her mine. I made little dinner, and off she went to bed. I’m now thinking about things, and you know what? Things really aren’t that bad.




3 thoughts on “Pumped-up mood

  1. Thinking more positively and taking everything in an optimistic view is what helped me. I always thought, “it could be worse, it has been worse and you’re better than this”. Even if it all feels false at the beginning (not saying that it is false), eventually, if you keep telling yourself over and over, especially when you’re feeling low, it’ll be the truth, because you made it true. Also, Dan, I have no idea what the whole weight thing is. Come on, Dan, you’re British, we use pounds and stones aha 😛

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    1. Thank you for your comment Meg, and 110 KG is about 19 stone. So, I’ve like 3 KG which is about 7 or so pound. Haha, I use KG more than pounds and Stone, does that mean I’m less British than you? :p


      1. Haha of course it does! I’m kidding, I’m pretty sure we should be using KG since we switched to the metric system but you know us Brits, can’t let go of the past (and in this case the imperial system).

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