people made of glass

So, last night I had a pretty good night up until a friend asked me to tell her what was on my mind and say my feelings. However, I was sure that it wouldn’t help anything so I announced that. She wasn’t impressed and got annoyed with me but she knew I was right. What she didn’t realise was that I had the message ready; I expected her to be as stubborn as always and push me to tell her; she didn’t. Instead, she went in the other direction
She told me I wasn’t wasting her time… but my own. It just rather pissed me off in all honestly. I mean, how insensitive can you get? So, i suggested to forget it and was treated to a Facebook thumbs up. Ugh it irritates me so much. Now here is where I got really annoyed…

She offered to delete me and scrap our friendship over one little argument. All I thought was, “are you kidding?” it did just upset me more, and I was very disappointed.

Here’s why. When I build a relationship up with someone… I build it solid. Friendship, or more. That is my point, however… if someone who has assured you to come to them when you have problems, that they are there for you… why would they he so quick to abandon you from the smallest dispute?

It just makes me realise that though I put my faith in people, some people are made of glass… I really felt like someone who didn’t matter at all and I still don’t think she understands that.

Situations like these are the reasons for my hesitation with friendships, and relationships, because I have yet to meet a single person who can keep to their promises. It looks like if there is one person I can trust it is myself.

I am just glad I am finally becoming comfortable with myself… otherwise I would in a worse place.

If one thing is sure is that I sure as hell am not made of glass. And, I am who I am; there’s no changing how I am overnight. I guess it is hard to understand for some people.


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