A refreshing breath

After watching the Eurovision for the first time, and being rather disappointed that of all the people to win Ukraine won. It was like listening to a possessed frog. For a moment, I was stunned and assumed she was trying to possess my soul. I was very surprised that she won. Ah well, live and learn, maybe she possessed the others and I was the one remaining. Ha-ha.

Other than that, when my friends went home and I turned in for the night, I was greeted by a few texts that were more than just a few words, more like a few paragraphs. The thought was genuine, and it was an explanation of how someone is, which I hadn’t asked for, but also gave me a perspective on her that was more than pleasant. If she hadn’t included the word friendship in one of the paragraphs it would have lead me to believe she was asking me out (ha-ha). But, however… It ended with a sweet message about how I had made an impact on her over the last few months and she wanted to be a closer friend to me.

It was pretty darn cute, yet I couldn’t help wonder what sparked the thoughts to begin with; I’ll find out in due time, I suppose.

It’s interesting to know that someone wants to get to know me, and figure me out as much as I do with the people around me, but at the same time, it’s a little scary. So, I understand a little why some are a bit hesitant around me.

It was  a real surprise, and it put a smile on my face.

Other than that, today, we had pancakes and several other things for breakfast, and spent the day with a friend of mine, where we went shopping and watched the film Anastasia. It was good, except for the grumpiness of my child, who decided it would be fun to rub play dough into my floor(carpet). I could have cried. But, who has been sound asleep for a while, I’ve enjoyed an evening on a call with a few friends and playing a game. It’s been a real pleasure.

And so, tomorrow, my days start again: Gym, reading, a healthy lunch, and essay writing study it is. In the evening, a start on the horrific world of the horror story a fellow blogger (#Lifesscrapbook). I can’t wait.

Bring on the future.


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