So I was told not to scrap anything I write.

So, I was told to keep everything I write, as sort of a learning experience, and if ever needed to look back I can see what I’ve written. So, I thought, why not add them here?

How does one start a story—when a man’s story has a thousand beginnings, a thousand ends, and a thousand journeys? How does one begin, when this man’s story began far before the prickling hands of thieves, deviants, or the young god? Before the grand-father, the great clock, the mother. This man’s story began before the whispers of mankind, but still, he finds himself revelling in the misery of man, scouring for truth, yet hiding from his shadow—his reflection. “What am I?” he would ask, a thousand times over. He who commanded the will of blood, drew the symbols of the ancient ones across his body. He defiled it, in exchange for a short-lived life. He never needed much time to sow his seeds, nor reap them. Though he was the first one of his kind, he was not the first being—Let me tell you, yes, you’re ready. Let me tell you the story of the twin—known by many names, remembered as a whisper on the tongue, a shadow in the dark, the instrument of death. He was known well—as a reaper, a demon… a monster.
This is the story of Thomas, the twin of the world, the moon to the sun, and the sun to the moon, he symbolised a mirror, a connection, an inter-locking chain of duality. He was the same, yet different from us all. And this story, begins with his fall from the so-called heavens. This story, begins at his end.
In this world, long before mankind was cursed to devour life, long before Norse met its end, and long before the war between the Aesir and Vanir; it was long before the Babylonian floods, and before Gilgamesh took his reign. It was long before Enki, and long before the invasion of Green-skins, lizard-men, Annunaki, Chitauri. This… monstrosity—no—this hell stood before Chronos stood, spinning his wheel of time. There stood a group of people, some would say Gods, others would say the first ones, but he would call them friends. That is, until they found out he was different. Until, he broke the rules.

Well, that’s it for now.

Interesting fifteen minutes.


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