The toss of a coin

What if the definition of whether we succeed in something is up to a simple toss of a coin. Imagine it; your entire life, predicted by a repeated coin toss. What if you could witness the coin toss, or even see it before it happened. Would you expect a different outcome? Would you expect the answer to be different? Now, isn’t that the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different outcome.

For that reason, I don’t like imagining the future. I plan, sure, and I’m not completely clueless… but the one thing I’m always sure of is never setting anything in stone. If I step forward, it’s like quick-stepping through air. Though, it doesn’t matter for me, how much I plan something, or expect certain results, things are never straight forward. Not once, not one single time have I ever experienced something that is seemingly straight-forward. Would I even know what straight-forward means if I saw it? I doubt it.

For that, I’ll remain, like a bound, swinging pendulum, with the intent to smash the glass, but swinging in two directions for as long as I am able. Though, those two directions are never clear, whether it be staying here, or going somewhere, or choosing a path to follow. Who do you want to be? The thing I’ll always remember will be the dreams where I’m called a fool, or Tarot cards that tell me I’m a fool, or undecided. It’s not particularly a bad thing, is it? So, I don’t choose to be the mage, the warrior, the knight, the pillar, the sun, or moon, maybe I’m just happy still having a choice, whether I can be me, or whether I can reflect or react others’ and still allow myself to be myself. Overall, there’s always that pull between whether something shapes destiny, or gets shaped by destiny. I personally see it as a tug-of-war a push and pull, a take and give. Food for thought.

Onto the rest…

Now that my inherent ramblings of a madman are out of the way, for today… I’d like to announce that the gym is going well, and though I didn’t have the best start to my week, nor start it the way I planned I will be aiming to figure everything out for summer this weekend, I’ll plan my actions and see how well I can stick to a limit. It will be interesting, right?

total books read: 0

The before picture will be put up on the weekend… maybe.

The thing I’d like to say is that it has been awesome to spend some time with the friends that are doing these things with me, so thanks for those who’ve been jogging, and going to the gym with me. You’re awesome. The week commenced with a lengthy jog, two sessions at the gym in one day, and the next I had another hour jog, some sit-ups and press-ups, and then a two hour session at the gym. Sheesh.

I’ll screenshot my planner on the weekend, and show you how hectic it is. That’ll be interesting, eh? hilariously Amazon has been seeking me out as a tester for products… it’s been an interesting offer, though for some of the weirdest products. Lightweight backpacks, and travel bags… weird that I’ve not bought any. Ha-ha. Not that I’m complaining , I suppose.

Anyway, have a nice day everyone!


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