Diaries of a Madman II

Good morning, or good afternoon. Perhaps, it’s god morgon.  Curse this extra keyboard some spanish lady snuck onto my laptop without my knowledge. Or perhaps it was with. Anyway, after a collapsing, degrading attempt at playing Dark Souls III from the beginning, as a sorcerer. I truly knew despair last night. I don’t know how people play as a specific class. I end up making hybrid classes. For example: My sorcerer now wields a giant axe.

I got so frustrated yesterday, on broadcast due to some plebs that summoned me into their game. People who couldn’t dodge, or wouldn’t stop doing stupid things. Three people jumped off a cliff whilst trying to kill a pissin’ lizard. I mean, come on, you doughnuts.

Anyway, my mind is whirling, “Final assignment for this year” *jumps with a joyous, pumped fist*. Anyway…

I got creative this morning, so let me tell you a story:

My eyes widen; my focus incalculable; my arms stretch far; I sit on bended knee. I soar through the forest like it is my own. I move around the trees, and I see much. I witness ants leaving their nests for their first journey of the day; I observe the worms fertilizing the plants, and I move lower, to watch them; it makes me salivate, much. I stretch out my arms, and bend down close. I point at them with my beady eyes, my armoured face, and I whisk my raven-black hair around. I move, clutching my un-clipped toes through the soft mud, digging for more food. I snap, and snap, reaching for prey with my jaw. I see others move around me, they’re watching me, with smaller eyes than myself, like shadows, on the trees around me. They fly down, and stretch their arms out wide. They threaten me?

I am bigger, stronger, faster. I confront the first, and raise my arms out, and spread my body to make me tower above them. I stretch my neck out, and raise my fist like claws. The small one is brave, faces me, like a crow to a lion. I take two steps and jump high. He jumps too, and we fly. We spin around each other, and reach into the sky. I claw at him, and he claws at me. We reach a point where we turn around, and fall to the earth, back where the worms are lying. I’ve wounded him, he is weak. Still, he fights. We spin, and dance around each other. I clutch him in my grip and when we land, I stretch my arms out once more, his neck in my hands, and my landing, softened. I let him go, let him live. He wouldn’t try it again now, would he?

Who am I?

I am a raven, my feathers are my hair, my arms are my wings, and my jaw is my beak.

I got bored, can’t blame me. Hope you enjoy this silly tale.

Have a nice day everyone!

Also, I will be putting a bed together over the weekend, and it has a slide, I mean, how amazing is that? I want a slide on my bed… Never too old. Maybe one day.

Here is a song, a crazy video, and something to illuminate your day with pretty colours, no, I’m not talking about drugs; Get your mind out of the gutter.


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