Diaries of a Madman I


Throughout my life I’ve had a couple dozen funny conversations with people. To imply one isn’t a little bit mad, is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing to imagine. That being said though, sometimes you look around and think, “Geez, it makes me feel less crazy when I take a look around me.” Ha-ha. Though looking at the past, I must say, it’s not that hard to see. Let me explain:

I grew up, a little mix between an atheist and an agnostic. I didn’t want to believe in God, seeing as much of my childhood, I saw pain. Needless to say, it wasn’t my own pain I saw, but those around me. However, remembering suicides, seeing sadness, and that inescapable emotional pain that lingers after one hurts another through selfish actions, it played on my mind, and probably stays with me to this day.

I started my research on the spiritual side of life when I was 15, and after meeting a woman who told me she was my wife once, and several other impossibly accurate things she knew about me I was set on that path, but still I do think, “What a crazy thing to say” but I can’t help but laugh.

Furthered by a girl I was in a relationship for two years, when she told me she was several different people. Not awkward, I think I counted over 50. The sex was interesting though. Though, little tip, “Don’t ever say you prefer the other one.” that’s a big no-no.

And, I keep coming across people who ask me a paramount of questions, as if I’m buddha and they’re Buddhists. It’s a little crazy. I researched magic, spirituality, norse, and other pantheons of gods, touched a brief amount of blood magic, researched cults, looking for something that could help me find more research on the seers I wanted to put in my books. And I found a lot. Though, it doesn’t mean I know every answer, otherwise, I’d not be here.

You’d be surprised. I’m good with faces, I remember eyes, scare palm readers with my hands, and am an exhausting person to talk to because my single meaning sentences sound like they have quadruple meanings, on an average. Apologies, that’s just me. I’m not crazy, or sane, maybe a little mad.

I think I handle the whole ‘sitch’ well. Don’t you?


Anyway, I got distracted mid-way through my blog post, and I forget where I was going with this. So, maybe next time.



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