The diary of a Madman I

So, I remember what I was saying in my previous post. I’ve had a whale of a time online, lately. I’ve been streaming my experience playing “Dark Souls 3” on twitch. It isn’t the only game I’ve been streaming, however. I’ve streamed “The Forest” and “Ark: survival evolved”, and whatever else. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 didn’t work though. Shameful display CoD.

Anyway, I’ve also, got a girlfriend! (woo) lol. It’s been amazing spending time with her, and she’s really enthusiastic about spending time with me, and can’t seem to get to know me fast enough. It’s so cute. She worries so much though, over the smallest things; it is cute though. She’s such a lovely girl, and it couldn’t be at a better time, having the summer to do things. I am sure things will get better.

So, anyway, enough about real life stuff: let me say, if you want to see/hear me cry after dying 100 times, or looking freakin’ awesome on a game, and wondering why you can’t be as cool as me, (I can’t fit through my door due to my ego right now), then come watch my twitch. I usually broadcast in the evenings, 7pm (GMT) but you’re all welcome to follow me and check in from time to time. You never know, might enjoy hearing me cry, or swear.




P.S for those reading the last post, wondering what the hell I was on about. It started with the amusing fact that my google browser now calls me “King”, short for King Vargr, which I’m known as now on games, and I used to be known as omegawhitty. I’m not sure which I prefer being called as, in-game, or in real life, as a few people I’ve played games with, called me “The King” in real life… it made me roll on the floor laughing, just a little.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely day! 20160414224230_1.jpg

You’re welcome!!


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