Walking away

Now that I’m coming to the end of my first year at Uni I’ve done some thinking, and some reflection on the past. I’ve come to learn that I’ve met some nice people along the way, and some not-so-nice people. That being said it’s been nice to talk to new people along the way and more… though I’ve been a little bit dis-heartened with the year as I’ve gotten very close to some people, and within a few weeks it’s like they’ve become someone else.

It has been ludicrous watching the faces of someone change so drastically in such a small amount of time and I’ve come to a point of accepting the person for that change and not being so grumpy about the choices they made. When you go from 100% to 0% with someone in a few weeks it is heartbreaking at first, but soon you find that if they’re not meant to be in your life, they’re not meant to be.

I’ve come to this realisation and I’m going to let go of anyone who doesn’t want to hold onto me. I think five months away from them will do me some good, and September will be a bold new start for us all, hopefully all of us putting away our daggers in the meantime.


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