A brand-new day

Good morning, everyone!

I woke up this morning, slightly more tired than I should be, though this time I can harbor the blame. Ha-ha. I’ve stayed up later the past few nights after having a break from my daughter. Thanks to my parents I’ve had four whole days to myself, and I should’ve been doing important things, and I suppose I did, sort of.

You know how it is, when given time, we tend to waste it. That being said, I rose up the ladder on a game, and fell in the same weekend thanks to a falling out between members of my tribe. Ha-ha, all good fun. I also took a look at my language project, and have been writing a story. I’ve restarted the story three times, and aim  to get it done today– this week. Hopefully. I’m sure I’ll get everything done and hopefully I can find that concentration I’m lacking.

Does anyone know where I left it?


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