Tai Chi in the morning

This morning, I woke up with the beating sound of my music pulsing through the sound like a stomping elephant. It was a good feeling. Usually, everything is tiring, or a rush rush.

Whilst making my morning porridge I actually began a set of tai chi, with the bowl in hand and eating it between the steps. Productive, right? I did not spill a drop, either. Sometimes, when I wake up like this, and have a smile on my face I can’t help but feel like things are getting better, truly. I’m looking forward to the summer. It feels to me, like the summer will be good.

I’ll be starting the gym when I receive my next payment of student finance, and I’ll be equipping myself with the resources to help fix the flow of my studies next year. Hopefully, I get myself sorted. If I fail anything this year, I’m quitting computer games. I know, a daring threat, right?


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