When the Welsh stop moaning

Being Welsh, I’ve never understood why people look down on us so much. They want to be our friend, but don’t consider us in competition with them. Whether it be in technology, economy, or any aspect of societal advancement. We, kinda suck.

I don’t mean to bring out the worst of the Welsh, but even after speaking with a Welsh Nationalist they had ideas of what would make Wales better, but not what already made Wales good. Except for Welsh cakes. Those will forever be the pride of my food when it comes to Wales.

To further enhance this obviously deep thought on how Wales sucks, I’d like to add that the majority of Wales are left over mining towns from an age we’ve past a good sixty years before. And whenever someone comes along to offer us change, a way of getting past it and moving forward… A large quantity of moaners moan. I mean… um… why?

I come from a lovely… I really mean rather infamous part of Wales; known for being rough around the edges, and distinguished as a bit of a thieves den, almost. That being said, besides its reputation, not much about the city of ‘Newport’ is actually that bad. There are several supermarkets within walking distance, an industrial centre with a cinema, and several restaurants, and now ‘friars’ walk, spelled with a lower case f? Anyway, it has a a doughnut shop. So, clearly, it is the bomb. Figuratively speaking, of course.

It had another cinema added and had a couple hundred new buildings placed around town…

Now, so many Welsh complain about the new places, new community buildings, bus stops, bus stations, office buildings and apartment blocks… But it is so much better than what it was before. And, if I could say anything about Welsh people, including myself, is that we’re all stuck in the past.

It is like we want the bad conditions and over-populated houses back; seeing as we’ve complained since.

I don’t know what it is, whether it’s the fact that we still don’t feel we have a say in anything our country does as it is all run through England’s parliament (mainly. Aside from an ‘assembly’) but, what is is that bothers me so much about the modern Welshman?

I think it’s the fact that we moan, and moan, and moan, about everything around us, and then deny the change, declaring our anger for the change.

Well, that’s why the towns in the surrounding areas never become cities, and villages never become more than an earlier urbanization… because we moan when we, the people get offered more.

It’s sad, really. As I’ve seen towns get offered cinemas, large supermarkets… which believe me… some places in the valleys need… but the people in the area decline it. The supermarkets will ruin the mining town? Who the fuck wants to be known as the miners who don’t mine anymore? The houses are damp, falling apart and were never made for long term investment. There really is little point in keeping the damn things.

But surely, the statues, and memories will stay as a reminder of who we once were, in libraries, community buildings, or town halls… or even place it in the lobby of that new cinema you rejected.

I don’t understand the reason for wanting a reminder of places which gave all our grandparents lung cancer or some form of long term crippling diseases from working under-ground without safety equipment.

That being said, I know I’m sounding like a moaning Welsh person… which is funny, because I welcome the changes coming to Wales, the towns and cities alike, and that’s something we need to work on. It’s hilarious seeing people who want to devolve from England… without any form of plan, but still stand in pride without any idea of what the hell they’re doing.

‘When you have  cake, you eat it. You don’t keep the crumbs.’ – That’s a little quote from me.

You’d think after 1,500 years of failing at everything we do, the Welsh would be innovative. Not choose to stay little more than a primitive people.


And that’s the thing. If we stopped moaning about things, and stopped staying in the past we could use it to our advantage, and further our goals, and achievements. We could improve the cities so people want to come to us for careers not flee in fear of being trapped in the marshlands of Wales.

Think about it.


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