Keep movin’ forward

Pain is temporary, it may last a minute, or an hour, or a day but eventually it will subside, and something else will take its place. If we quit however, it will last forever.

I failed a project and a test in my grammar module over the past three weeks. I passed the first two tests, but failed the third, and my project. I don’t understand, I thought I did everything that they asked but clearly not.

It really stung me today, finding that out. However, I learn something about myself each and every time I fail.

That when I fail, I get back up again, and try harder. And that this is exactly what I needed, as I have motivation to continue. I’ve felt demotivated for a while now. This entire term in fact. Well… I’ve had enough.

I may not be the smartest person, or the most grammatical, or even the one who pours the most effort in.

But, I’ve hoped for something to push me as much as I push it and I received that, so now, today… I will push harder. Even if I have to sit my exams over summer, I will come back and beat the damn tests and projects with an iron fist.

“Skill is only developed by hours upon hours of beating on your craft”. Now, I’m listening to words like this and I’m done trying to make an effort for other people, and I’m done trying to be the central piece holding others together.

No one will hold me up, stand me up, and I’ve done everything I can for others who have turned their back on me as soon as they made new friends. So, it’s time I take off my gloves, and stop withdrawing myself from my study, and hiding in my games.

A wake up call was necessary for me to feel like I need to try harder, and I will do… just that.


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