I can do poetry

So, I wrote this poem in half an hour…

It probably won’t get better, but here:

What once was ours, is now lost

My hands are bloody, my cloak still warm,
My bones are ruined; my clothes are torn.
My mind is muddled, my friends will mourn,
My life is ending, from sailing the storm.
My soul is drifting from pillar to post,
And my heart is crying, for a dear old ghost.
I still remember the loving embrace
Of an angel, with a pale face.
And so I ask, don’t shatter this glass,
I look at you, eyes shining, at last.
You remind me of days when I was another,
Fit, strong, happy, your lover.
And though I’ll remember, what I have done,
I need to tell you my feelings, my lonesome hum.
I could not save you, not even our son.
But one day I’ll change, I’ll show them, we won.
I’ll now let you rest, and relieve you of shame,
I’ll drown them in sanguine, bring them pain.
I have one trick left, my darkest endeavour,
Even he, will see me as clever.

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