Just a bit of hail

So, I’m writing a post in the morning. Not unusual for me. I feel clear in the morning, when the library is empty, and only a few early risers are setting up their laptops. I feel that it brings out the best in me. But who knows, I usually get good ideas hanging upside down like a bat, but I can’t exactly spend all day doing that. (I don’t, really. It’s true) Ha-ha.

I lost my umbrella this morning. My daughter and I were walking over a train bridge and it come out of the handle and shot high up… high enough to peer over a house or two, and it floated away. I had no chance to catch up to it or grab it. I couldn’t even run after it as I couldn’t leave my daughter. I just had to gulp down my pride and walk on. (Sorry for whoever comes across it.) Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. All I was left with was the handle of an umbrella in my hand. The rest was just… gone.

It’s been rather an interesting couple of weeks. I have seen the back of a toilet shoot water up to the ceiling, and had my heating turn on in the night when I had manually switched the boiler off. I’ve had a surprisingly high amount of crazy dreams. One which I pee’d for what seemed like hours… It was horrifying. Ha-ha for a mundane dream it was pretty horrible. Luckily enough I didn’t wake up to a wet bed. I’m not that old, yet.

Other than my crazy ‘mad’ house… I’m doing better than I was in January, or February. I know it’s only the 2nd, but things are improving, I think. I planned a holiday for the end of June, and my daughter and I are going to go to Sweden for a week. It will be nerve-wrecking, and a little scary but fun!

It’s been nice talking to my friend from Sweden again, as well. I’ve missed her. And she’s been putting up with me on skype while I’ve been playing games. I think that means she’s a keeper, ha-ha. She’s been a god-send over the last week or two, and has managed to cheer me up every time we talk. Though, I haven’t told her that bit yet. We dated once, almost 3 years ago… can you imagine? We’ve been in touch all this time, even though we weren’t able to pursue something romantically back then. I think things will become easier, or rather more in my own control once I’ve finished education.

The thing I will say is that I’m becoming comfortable with myself again, and after a few knocks to the confidence I’ve recovered… I think. (You never know when it comes to me.) I have found out that I lack much of the intonation in my voice to give an easily noticed question/sarcastic response. As much as this is a bit of a shit thing to get… it means I’m starting to understand why people sometimes feel uncomfortable around me, and I give people the wrong impression. Though, if I can notice and understand why that happens, hopefully I can work on it so I don’t upset people by accident, ha-ha!

Other than work/friends I’ve restarted my dystopia travels, in the world of Ark:Survival evolved. I’m not playing as much as I was, but I’m enjoying it, again. We’re on a new server, and we met another tribe who we allied with. His words for allying were, “I don’t meet many Brits here, so let’s team up and take these fuckers on” and when we allied, he announced, “That’s mustard.” haha. I have never heard the idomatic expression “That’s mustard’ or, “It’s all mustard” before. It made me laugh, and made my phonology lecturer laugh just the same. The guy is a Londoner, and roams the world of dinosaurs on a raft with a stone house on top of it. Ha-ha.

Whereas, I just spend most of my time flying around on a pteranadon. Here’s a picture:346110_screenshots_2016-02-29_00001.jpgI know, we’re gonna take over this are and make our own base. Will be fun, I think… I hope.

Anyway, back to reality. I’ve got a few more projects left this year, and then onto preparation for year two. As well as that, I’m going to be throwing many blogs together over the summer about character creation, scene selection and possible crying over the fact that I have to write another 46 character bibles before writing the actual novel.


Enjoy your day everyone,

It’s mustard.


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