Food for thought

Who would have imagined that University life, a place which mainly consists of adults at the end of their teenage years, or older, would be a place of such paramount amounts of drama?

Personally, I didn’t. I often thought that this year would have more or less improved on the last. I got along with mostly everyone last year, and the same happened this year… at first.

That being said, most people are just a little shy, or haven’t been in such a educational establishment so they put on a front. Whether it be because they feel people wouldn’t like them, or for other reasons.

Regardless, I try my best to be myself. Though, even I have let myself go over the last few months, and the position I’m in, after trying to be nice to everyone is more or less alone, aside from the few I talk to or spend time with.

I had a very close friend before Christmas who now seems like a stranger. We are both dealing with our own problems, sure but I feel that she sees right through me when we meet, and it’s playing in my mind. I’m getting used to it now though.

Other than that, I’ve put up with someone being quite passive aggressive towards me whenever she can which is a little frustrating as I’ve remained neutral, and avoided confrontation. Though, if she doesn’t back off with the ridiculous comments she makes about me whenever I talk I’ll end up calling her out on it. I’ve tried messaging her about it, or talking to her about it but she just ignores me unless she thinks she can say something funny to someone else.

Now, I don’t condone revenge. Never have, and never will but I do feel that I’m being made a joke by her when I’ve been nothing but nice to her since we argued, and I feel she’s just being a brat about it because it’s the only way she knows how to behave. So, whether it’s her or she doesn’t realize she’s doing it, I’m losing my patience with a person. It’s not a common thing for me to lose patience with someone.


Other than that, I’ve been thinking about the coursework I have to write for my creative writing projects. I have to write a biography/autobiography, an essay, a ‘last word’ column, a feature, and/or a monologue.

I’m thinking of writing an autobiography about my first day working at a steelworks, where I thought I’d love it, and when we casually walked by a steel sheet processing through an enormous machine, cobbling and shooting by us scratching across the floor, and seeing the sparks whisk off it, it petrified me for the first couple of weeks.

The essay, I’ve written en essay, a rant about some feedback I’ve had and the way people have talked to me over the last few weeks.

The feature, I’m stuck between choosing to further my news story into an “interesting” piece, which is about a school closing from a touch of ice. Or writing a feature article on the ways you can write, and suggesting the

‘How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method: Volume 1 (Advanced Fiction Writing)’ by Randy Ingermanson.

I loved reading this book, it was such an inspiring, and well-written guide on planning novels/stories.

Also – a monologue on a night at home alone would be interesting as well. Hearing the sounds of the house, or feeling like someone is watching you but no one is there.

Other than these ideas, I’ve been looking at a two-piece mirror story to write for Writer’s Toolkit and write about the same story from two different perspectives and run along it showing how different the perspective can be from a male to female. I’d like to keep the running theme of my novel time-line but throw a conversation between the two people and make it a show of how different people can view the same situation.


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