Being treated like a human

So, I’ve got a weekend to myself. The first one in what seems like ages. Not that I mind being a full-time single Dad; It can get a little exhausting though.

It makes you feel like you’re not human after a while. You can’t go out with friends, you can’t drink, you can’t do what you want. You can’t even have five minutes alone without having to clean up something from somewhere. And personal space is a completely alien concept.

So far, I’ve spent 6 hours today, revising; 3 hours cleaning, and this evening with a friend from Uni who remembers that I’m human. – So let us hope that is a little productive.

It has been a little strange as everyone sees me as a dad. And it was just nice to have a friend to hang out with outside of University with. I’m absolutely gutted that she will not be able to stay next year… But that’s life.

For now, I’m just glad to have someone who I can talk to about more than uni, and coursework.

So, thank you for this evening. it’s nice to be reminded of what being human is like, truly! 🙂


I hope everyone else has enjoyed their evening, too!


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