A moment of bliss

You know, between the rushing back and for to University, and dodging the rain like a ninja in the night – I’ve figured something out. It dawned on me when I looked my daughter in the eyes and all the problems turned to dust in my mind. It no longer mattered. And even if it was for a moment – it helped. I surely figured out that I don’t need a partner, or we don’t need a complete family to be happy. When we jump through the puddles, or spin down the road… we’re okay with just us.

I’ve been thinking about it for a little while now. And as much as she’s a pain in my bum, and too much like me to have hope that she can be ‘normal’ not that I’d want her to be ‘normal’, but all I think is I’m proud of what I’ve done for her already, and what I’m doing everyday.

Although it is hard, I’m trying my best to be both Mum and dad, and I can honestly say I think I’m doing a good job. I’ve not seen a child smile so much, and she’s learning so much everyday. We sat down pronouncing words last night. And instead of reading her a bed time story, we made different sounds from the phonemic alphabet.

It may sound crazy, or you may think, “What is he doing?” but you should’ve seen her face. She loved it. Ha-ha.

So, have a nice day everyone! Remember to look around you at what you really have, now and then.


One thought on “A moment of bliss

  1. It’s amazing the joy we can find in the little things if we take the time to really appreciate what we have. Best to you!



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