A wonder through the woods.

I close my eyes for a moment.

When I open them, I see a world of beauty all around me, I can see the many trees surrounding me, towering high. They branch out casting shade for the land they stem from. Broad, lush green leaves create a colourful array in  every direction. The flora at the bottom act like the world’s hair follicles – spiky, brisk and ever-growing. I observe a bear cub scratching the bottom of a tree in the distance, attempting his first climb. Brown fur curled out from his face making him seem too soft to be dangerous.

I heard the sounds of birds playing in the trees, leaping from branch to branch and flapping their wings best they could. Some were so small they could fit between the gaps in the branches, easily maneuvering the labyrinth’s around each tree. They chirped, and whistled, gracefully singing their songs.

I smelled the fresh flowers, and fresh mud. The smell of wet grass was strong, and lingered in my nostrils. I wish I could have held onto that smell, before I caught a whiff of the brown bear scurrying through the mud.

I brushed my hand across the bark of a tree, feeling like I understood the way the trees aged, and the way they grew. I knew something, but that could have been anything.


When I came back to reality, I closed my eyes again, still smelling the fresh smell of wet grass, and after handing in my writing media coursework, keeping myself to myself, and going out, rather than spending the day on campus… I knew this was going to be a good day.



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