Becoming myself again

So, I’ve settled some qualms in my past, and tried my best to end the malice over the last couple of days. I had an apology from someone which was very sweet. I apologised too, but I think we decided to leave it as that.

I had yet another important decision to make today, which to be honest, after a three-page letter to someone, I feel much better with myself. I have felt like I’ve been bottling up much of myself. As much as people feel I talk about everything on the blog, I only actually talk about one or two things, and keep much of myself from here. It’s actually quite funny seeing people think they can now work me out because they have read my blog.

Other than that, I’ve been fiddling around with words today, and getting back into the swing of being creative after a long period of confusion, and a wee-bit of peril!


The Shadow of a Fox

She had eyes that glistened when reflecting the full moon. It showed a set of bright emerald green eyes, with a tinge of yellow in the inner iris. She stood in front of a man who had gripped her wrist firmly. She bit her lip and crunched her brow. She told herself she would not scare so easily. She had declared such words of passion only days before. She freed her arm with a strong swing, pirouetted her body flicking her long fiery red hair around her. In a matter of seconds her stare changed from being distressed, to one bolstered with the will of fire. Her smile, so wicked yet filling to the brim with courage. She had taken the power from him, and stood with straightened back. Her eyes squeezed out the tiniest drops of tears. She grew infuriated. She swung her arm hard, and fast. She slammed her hand into the man’s face so ferociously it knocked him off-balance. Though he didn’t fall to the floor, she knew she had shown her prowess.

“Lay a hand on me again, and I will remove it.”

She beckoned him, drawing all of her strength through her words. Impassioned, she took a step closer to him and when exhaling through her nostrils, and staring at him with widened eyes, and hardened gaze, he smiled.


It doesn’t seem like much but I’ve enjoyed just writing this. Things will get better. I’m sure of it. 🙂

Onwards, and upwards, as they say!


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