Running through the jungle

They say life is like a jungle. You walk through it only to find you’re falling over brambles, stumbling through shrubs; Balancing on the roots of thick, large, trees that tower high above you. The array of green and brown colours strangle your eye-sight making you blind. They say you don’t ever leave that jungle, alive. If you don’t succumb to the flora, and lose your way, you may fall into slumber through the venom of the viper, or the poison of the spider. If you struggle, and thwart them all, you may find yourself facing a lion, a cougar, a tiger, or another predator.

So, you’re crawling through the jungle, avoiding the insects, the leaves of trees, the snakes, and spiders, the ones lying in shadow. You confront the lion, your eye-sight squeezed, drained of life. You see nothing, it’s dark. What do you do in the dark? Do you give up? Keep running? hoping for something?

You come close to others, but never see them. You hear the rustling, the stumbles of people just like you. Why can’t you see them? Why aren’t they there? You can hear them? You come close to them? But you aren’t seeing them.

You back off, back against a towering tree, your feet dug into the soil of the earth. Are you scared? Are you alone?

What if things were different? You were given a second sight, in your head. You were given insight, a lead. You were shown how to struggle before you needed to. You were shown where to step,  and which path to take. Do you end up getting out of the jungle? Do you end up fleeing? Or do you end up at the same tree, which you turned your back to, once before?




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