An icy wind

The region covered in a blanket of thick white snow. Untouched by man, still set, left in peace.  A pleasure to see plastering the valleys, brightening up the land with such a pure colour.

As for the streets, they were left. Stone-grey turned white-light, bright enough to wake you up at night.  To disguise the shadows with a body of white skin. The streets were yet to be gritted, butchered by sand, and salt.

The closer to town you came, the snow turned to ice. It lingered, it hid, taking the image of puddles, and the wet floor.  It seemed almost putrid with the distinction lack of empathy it showed passerbys. What a trickster it was.

Along the path into town, we were caught in an array of black ice underneath the soft thin layer of snow. At first, I grabbed my daughter in my arms and slid down the ramp in the snow. Though as she leaned out my balance was lost and I fell to my backside,  and she fell on top of me. At least I protected her. Myself, not so much. At first she cried, but then found it funny. We clung to the cold iron bars that ran along standing as a fence until we reached safety. At that point it was safer to jump into a taxi and get to the campus.

The problem with ice is that everything stops. The busses to my campus stopped, and several paths/roads were closed. I was lucky to live on the road. I won’t be taken unsuspecting by the ice-cold fiend again. This is war.


I hope everyone has a nice day and enjoys the read!



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