1 and a half cups of Uni

Well, my pint-sized daughter and I went to University after having a long 3 week holiday.

It was an experience, indeed!

It was the first time that I took her into class with me due to nursery being closed for training. She loved it… coloured her notepad, interrupted the tutors, ran riots… but it was so much fun and she managed to get everyone to smile.

It was hard to traverse the campus with two umbrellas, two bags, and a child that enjoyed running in the opposite direction you tell them to…. but I had so much fun today.

I even come home, and cleaned everything, as I put her to bed, got myself sorted, ordered a food delivery, and now starting on my essay.

All in all, it certainly was an experience, though I wouldn’t like to deal with that everyday… I’m exhausted!

As first days go, it went well.

Bring on the rest… a cracking start to 2016. Also, I now have to trim 500 words out of an essay I wrote due to a tutor’s typo… and over the next two days, I’m viewing a new house, and have to write two pieces of non-fictional material ready for Thursday. Brilliant, right?

Anyway, as time goes on, and I feel older by the day, I have yet to figure out an admiration of reading… I wish I could enjoy it as much as others, but I’m afraid I don’t feel as enthusiastic to read, as much as I am to write.

Perhaps one day…

I had a nice time today, in between lessons, and handling my daughter through our day. I talked to someone new, and someone old. It has been a pleasure to look into the eyes of the people I call friends, rather than seeing text on a page. In all honestly, I missed being at University, though at the same time… It was nice to get away from it all, and re-charge my batteries.

I’m sure things will pick up this year. Not a single soul could put dampen this mood. Here’s a quote for you from Alan Watt:

“If you awaken from this illusion and you understand that black implies white, self implies other, life implies death, or should I say death implies life? You can feel yourself, not as a stranger in the world. Not as something here on probation. Not as something that has arrived here by force but you can begin to feel your own existence, as absolute.”

If you get the tingles down your spine from reading it, like I did hearing it… it’s that moment where your mind, and soul resonate, and create something beautiful. It may even help you break the illusion that we are all on a path which is taking us away from one another, keeping us apart. We don’t need to be… all you need to do is let go of the mistakes, and bitterness of old and remember, you are free, that no one can trap you, or consume you. That we are the only ones in control of ourselves.



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