What you were is no different from what you are

Although this is severely embarrassing, and a token from my past, I stumbled upon it sifting through my documents today.

“Though you smile an empty shade, and feel like a bitter grey… I hope you know how I feel, so content, so happy, so, so deeply in love. Your eyes were hazel, your hair was black, pale white skin, under a mask… I saw it too, I saw into you, a beauty unreachable, one never to be sold. I watch your smile, and my heart sings. We talk each day and spin our sorrows, we discuss our ire, pain and shared our story. Each time, it felt like we sat around a fire, looking into one another’s eyes. It was perfect, for a time. I’ve yet to let you go, from my mind… A couple of years I’ve been like this, thinking of you, thinking of this…” (2011)

This was a while ago, and I’m still in touch with you, we keep each other strong when we reach our tether, although we’re far, we keep together. You cross my mind from day to day, I’ll always remember that feeling inside.




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