Beauty, something we rarely notice

If you haven’t guessed it by my previous posts I’ve been having a shoddy few weeks. I’d like to think that I’m passing through it now as I no longer wake up with a moody fatigued look on my face and now and then I wake up with a smile on my face.

After taking my daughter into Nursery and preparing for a long day in the Library I look out, and instead of seeing the gloomy hills of Wales, or the fact that rain will targeting me soon, I see beauty.

I see the lush green trees dancing around me, and the birds chasing one another. Though I stand in a campus of concrete, I do notice the flower seeds being set in the earth, and the rabbits hopping around the woods near the nursery. I just think, I could have chosen a much worse place to be, and rather than feeling like I’m walking down the wrong road, as I’ve felt for a little while, I feel like I’m heading to a good place.

Although I’ve been sad over silly romances and things, it certainly is a relief knowing no one has any expectations, nor do I feel beckoned into worrying about others. I can let go for a little while, even if its a minute, and the strangest thing happens – I smile.

Only a short one from me today, I hope everyone has a nice day.


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