the Ying and Yang of my day.

Well, well well… We’re here again?

Here, at last?

Would you like an apple?

Maybe two.

Lets’ cut the crap.


My day has certainly been a mix of good and bad…

In fact…

I thoroughly enjoyed it! – I spent my morning working on an assignment at university, where I already had my coffee poured for me by Starbucks – though I didn’t actually show up for that… oops.

I wrote a poem about a shadow, and still somehow managed to link it to an apple. An Apple! I’ve started to hate them, those shiny little s****s. Ha-ha.

Though it was an interesting morning, I then ran around trying to figure out how the hell I was supposed to submit this. After being told by the tutor I had to go to block H… where no one was at, I asked myself the typical, “Who, what, where, how, when?”, and like a buffoon I worked myself into a sweat. Luckily enough I had my “Keep calm, and let Daniel handle it” T-shirt. I know right? ‘Amaze-balls’.

The afternoon begin with my very first work shopping experience, between peers and no tutors. I organised a room in the library where we discussed our poems, and gave each other feed back on improvements. I’d like to think it went well! – It did.

Brilliant, right? Students working together with… Students! I know, I amaze myself too sometimes. ‘Lol’.

Anyway, after that, I spent the afternoon with a lady-friend of mine. You know, the type of person that you connect with so much, you can’t help but smiling around. Though, to be fair, I’m sure she’s playing a little hard to get. I only say this, not out of confidence, (I’m not… that confident) but we spent about four hours around each other, where we went out with my daughter. I don’t think she stopped smiling once, and I’m pretty sure she skipped away.

It really set a smile on my face…


And for the fun bit. Every company seems to be after my backside at the moment charging me ridiculous bills for things I haven’t done. BT that ….amazing… company that just simply does not like anyone or anything and should be obliterated from the universe.. Ahem… tried to charge me £180 for an engineer they promised would be free, as I spent a month being charged for internet I could not use due to the previous tenant’s destructive powers.

Impressively enough I was also promised a voucher for £100 at Sainsbury’s. Still have yet to receive that either.

Also, I am stuck with my course tomorrow, and battling this company, and dealing with Argos over whether to stay in for the parcel to be delivered. I’m getting a dryer delivered.. *yippee*. Ahem. Anyway,

Aside from that, I’m sure I can actually go to bed with a smile, after an angry letter or two, simply because of the good stuff that happened throughout my day. I guess you find that there are certain people who make your day worth going through it.

And to end the night, I have prepared for my first party, as I have a weekend without my daughter… It is looking grand…

Also, when I put my daughter to bed, I asked her to get changed, and she stood at the top of the stairs, butt naked shouting, “Daddy, I poo’d” I love being a parent.


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