Migraine, oh, migraine!

Migraines – they’re the worst aren’t they?

I mean – really!

Imagine waking up between 3 days straight, and 3 weeks straight without the soothing sound of silence in your wake. Instead, imagine someone putting their hand in your head, and stirring your brain about. A lovely image, right? …right?

It has only been 3 hours since I’ve been awake, and it has felt perhaps 13 times longer. Amazing, right?

I’m sat here, tap tap tapping away, with the most soothing music in my ears I can suffer to, drinking a pint of coffee, hoping the large amount of caffeine ages me enough to skip the migraine.

I’m sat here, fighting the mighty urge of trying to tick off more character bibles, finishing the last one almost a week ago!  – a woman by the name of Kassandra Stensdotter, a warrior poet, who never met her mother and spent her life with her father travelling to each place, bringing the joy and sadness of her stories through music.

Anyway, right now… right now. I’ve begun a piece of work that will be graded soon – A critical assessment on the widely known game, ‘The Witcher 3’. I will possibly leave the details of creation out of the blog, just in case I’m not allowed to publish what I’ve written. I shall let you all know how it goes though. I’m sure the experience will be grand.

That is all for today, have a nice day everyone! I’ll leave you with Geralt’s face to see you on.


‘Picture by Zeevs, DeviantArt’


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