Simply, just, another day.

Simply speaking… Today should have been another exhausting, but manageable day, and it was.

Though, my eyes were a little black from a night off from the world of parenting, lack of sleep, and plenty of vodka, I’d still say I had a brilliant weekend.

Though this is the student experience I feel it is important to let you know what kind of weekend I have due to being a student.

So, Friday, Friday… Friday. Friday was the day that kicked this weekend in the wrong direction. My parents picked my daughter up as planned, and by the time they had got her home, I had to rush off to them to pick her up. My mother gave us a scare, with high blood pressure and a problem she had to be sent to hospital for, so off she went, waiting for a doctor… (Now this was regarded an emergency…) 8… whole… hours. Anyway, I moved my already exhausted body out of university, back to my house, to pick up a few things and made a journey 25 miles South East. Off I went… ‘Vroom, vroom’.

Luckily enough, a friend of mine saved my hide – Let me explain,

So I get there and find my daughter and I sitting in my parents house, waiting for ‘mummy dearest’ or ‘Nanny Plum’ (A little nickname I found too glorious not to add!) for my mother to come home when I realised that I had left raw chicken sat in a bag at my house, and I had deliveries that had taken a week to get there in the morning at 9am!! it was actually between 7am-7pm but just to confirm, it had to come early didn’t it? First time for everything!

Anyway, so we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited…  you get the point. I realised that there was nothing I could do, so I begged and begged all my friends who drove to see if they could take me home and after the 6th person, finally! someone said yes, someone whom I did not expect to as I had just met her from my course.

So, bless her, she drove 15 miles to come pick us up and take us home.  When we got home I tried giving her money for petrol as it was far out of the way but I wasn’t able to give my money away it seemed. I somehow managed to get myself and my daughter inside, and made myself a cup of tea, no, wait… coffee? Or both? Definitely both… When I put it to my lips it smelt like coffee, but left the twanging taste of tea without the milk. That taste stayed with me all night!

My friend left and we said goodnight and I fell into my bed. Something ridiculous happened, I was wide awake, lying there, thinking of the world, thinking of my past, and my future. As I always seem to do…

I ended up settling down to the sound of music videos, and took my headphones off, finally falling asleep.

I woke up at 9am, Saturday morning. Along with the memory of several peculiar, head wrecking dreams that would not leave my mind throughout the coming day. All good though, sort of, some mundane enough to put me back to sleep.

Anyway, after raising like the dead, I heard my daughter rustling about and got her up sitting her on the potty. Then, the door had to go. So I quickly got us both ready and dashed down stairs opening the door leading onto the main road in a dressing gown and superman trousers… yes, I am that cool.

Then, I had a phone call from my parents telling me that if I can bring my daughter to them I can still go out tonight.. I thought yippee, just one problem… I had the car seat, without the car. Dope, I thought, as I threw my phone on the sofa.

So I am lucky, in the single fact that I have a very nice neighbour, who wouldn’t let me give her money for fuel, bless her! I understood how lucky I was to have people like that around as she was the second person to decline taking money from me for rushing us around.

Moving on, however…

I spent my Saturday night with two lovely women I met from University and we had such a laugh out. One of them even received a marriage proposal from a man who seemed stupendously sober compared to us. Sadly, just to inform you – He got rejected.

After a £15 taxi, and falling asleep on the sofa, I woke up with the remains of lamb steak on a plate next to me – I had no idea I could cook whilst asleep.

Sunday however, was when the real fun began. I got up, stumbling to the bathroom, wrapped my dressing gown around me, renewed my balance, strengthened my step, and after equipping my glasses, I was ready to clean.

I put all the rubbish out, cleaned the floors, the counters, the units, dusted everything, lit a smelling candle, ironed every piece of clothing I owned, and my daughter’s, ‘Vacuumed’ the floors, scrubbed the oven, toilet and sinks, then cried a little from the smell of bleach… (that was a joke). I went on throwing my weight around the house, up and down the stairs I went – like a buzzing bee on liquid sugar. I scrubbed my office, tried to assort my work (that didn’t work). When I then finally sat down, my parents walked through the door to return my daughter to me.

Bless her little cotton socks. She was half asleep. My parents asked me to give her the dinner they prepared and within five minutes (4:30pm) my daughter went upstairs and fell asleep from then, all the way to 6:30am the following morning. I still had to call her several times to wake her up.

My day was exhausting like I said, lessons from 9-6 and spending two hours learning about a book of poems, and another 2 hours learning about the referencing system known as MLA – a 3 hour break where I walked up the hill of a campus three times, and then went to the library to read through more work I had for TESOL at the end of the day… I can’t complain however,  for, after sitting here, pining over the fact that I miss having a deep conversation with someone, anyone in fact. I remember that though it is hard now, it will definitely be worth it when the course is finished.


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